Wholesale Trade

Develop-IT provides inventory management and ERP solutions to suppliers and retailers within the wholesale trade market, with a particular focus on the electrical, plumbing and HVAC domains.

Our flagship package is the ‘ERP-in-a-box’, which combines our trademark modular ERP system with professionally-managed migration, deployment and support services. Rather than reinventing the wheel with costly bespoke development, we work with well-established and reliable software partners in the inventory management, CRM, marketing and accountancy domains to provide the core modules of the ERP system; these are then professionally integrated, configured and populated by Develop-IT project staff to complete the ERP deployment.

We feel that this innovative approach provides our customers with an ERP solution that meet all of their individual business needs at the lowest possible cost, the shortest deployment time and minimum migration headache from existing system.

Luckins Catalogue Integration

To complement our ERP and inventory management offerings, we have created a bespoke integration with the Luckins Catalogue, meaning that we can populate and update any inventory management system with the latest Luckins product data. Develop-IT can offer the integration as part of an ERP package and as a standalone service for customers who already have inventory management solutions in place. 

Contact Develop-IT today to discuss your ERP and inventory management needs and to discover how we can help your business reach its full potential through technology.